Short films

Short films

JulieJulie et ses Jules (Julie and her guys)

16', Full HD, Paris-France (French, English subs)

Synopsis : Once upon a time, Julie thought she had met Prince Charming

WonderwomanHéroiques Anonymes (Anonymous Heroes)

5', Full HD, Paris-France (French)

Synopsis : Heroes in crisis meet in a group therapy session


Sirene song pixSirène Song (A fish story)

4', 35mm, Paris-France (French, English subs)

Synopsis : A young woman dressed as a mermaid sings in the streets for money.

Somewhere else pixSomewhere Else (Ailleurs)

7'30", 35mm, Los Angeles-USA (English)

Synopsis : A teenager has created his own fantasy world inside his bedroom to escape from reality.


Si y en a pixSi y'en a qu'ça dérange ?! (So What ?!)

6'30, 35mm, La Garenne Colombes-France (French, English subs)

Synopsis : School is over, watch out for that kid on a scooter !


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