• Laurent Vermorel speaks about Move ! in Midi Libre (French)

Article Midi Libre

Radio Clapas itw

Radio Aviva itw

« Move », une explosion de bonheur…

  • Christophe Barratier speaks highly of ‘Move!’ in an ITW on TV5 Monde  (@5mn15) : « It’s a film of an absolute beauty » (French)

ITW C. Barratier. TV5 Monde

  • Marie-Hélène Cosse talks about MOVE ! in Mid&Plus

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  • Chirstophe Chabaud talks about MOVE ! between Rémy Kolpa Kopoul and Catherine Ringer, in Capture d’écran 2015-04-15 à 17.57.08
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Articles :

Considered MOVE! as one of the 4 highlights (docs) at the FNC Montreal (English)

Art Montréal (French) by Hannelore Estachy : « We confirm, ‘Move!’ will cheer you up ! »

Le Devoir (French) by Nayla Naoufal : « The great force of ‘Move!’ is to do without a narrative, the jubilation of the bodies being sufficient into itself. This delicate movie is delightful and a great pleasure to the eye. Will please all.”

Extra Beurre (French) by Kevin Laforest : ranks MOVE ! among the 15 movies not to miss at the FNC.

ITW @ Radio Centre ville Montréal (French): « It’s not just a movie about dancing… It’s a movie that makes you meet the other in his most primary essence… Aren’t you an admirer of Wim Wenders and Jim Jarmush ? There is an important directorial input… Your movie is a pleasure to the eyes and to the ears, and we travel around the world with you… »

Blog by Moussakova (French)


  • Ildiko Bognar interview for TV.Berlin. Click on image below to see the video (German/English).

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Fanny Jean-Noël had already been in Torun for the Toffifest in 2010 with her short film: « Julie et ses Jules »

Radio plus ITW


  • Maria da Luz Miranda writes about « MOVE ! » in Epoca, a Brazilian weekly news and analysis magazine, which has become one of the country’s most widely read magazines.


  • Richard Allouch from Les Nouvelles, did the first article about MOVE !

Fanny LNT270112-013


  • Interview made by Astrid Chevallier/Purple Red at the Figueroa Hotel in Down-Town Los Angeles, at the beginning of the world tour. (Filmed by Kennedy Glodby)

(Click on image below to see the video)

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