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Bollywood-India / Making of the movie songs « Shootout at Wadala »

I was invited by the famous choreographer Ahmed Khan to film the shooting of his 3 songs in the movie « Shootout at Wadala« . This movie became a great hit in India. With big stars such as John Abraham, Priyanka Chopra, Sunny Leone…
I kept only one song for my film « MOVE! ». This is the actual song in the film : Laila

Here are the pictures, the making of of the making of 😉

India / Inde

India has been a bit harsh on me due to my health situation most of my trip. I was there for 5 weeks total. I started my journey in Mumbai (Bombay) where I was seeking for a Bollywood movie set, more specifically for a dance sequence shooting.

I had the great chance to be hosted this time by my friend, the young producer Tarun Pandviya, who had his own production company where I could work during the day. Though I had been told meeting people in the industry would be a tough one, I got once again quite lucky. Within a few days I had a meeting at Tarun’s office with one of the legendary choreographer Saroj Khan (Devdas). She was so sweet. Then I met a bunch of other choreographers but none of them had a project falling into my dates. Except one, Chinniprakash who offered to shoot one of his song in a different region of India. I had a week to wait for the film shoot so I figured I’ll go enjoy India and take a short trip to Goa.

There I went to one of the quietest beaches (Palolem) and mostly did yoga, swimming in the sea and a lot of writing and reading. I participated in one of those funny new parties where you only listen to music through headphones not to disturb other tourists. I even learned how to dance Kollywood dance on a beach in Goa with a group of young nice men who invited me to a big ceremony that same night. I met another film crew shooting danced sequences at the beach. My week extended to 10 days when I found out the shooting had been postponed to a month. Too late for me. I had to find a plan B fast ! And I did, making tones of phone calls, from the beach !

I contacted another notorious choreographer, Ahmed Khan who invited me on 3 of his songs shooting, all part of the big hit movie « Shoot out at Wadala » with very famous actors such as John Abraham, Priyanka Chopra and Sunny Leone. It was amazing to be part of this big movie set and meet new friends in the industry. Bollywood is indeed like Hollywood. Big crews, big sets, long hours !

I was shooting in Film City where all the big studios are, not far from my friend’s place where I lived. Which was really good luck as Mumbai is a huge city. I filmed hours of the shoot. Some thought I was the making of camera girl. Well, in a way I was. It was a lot of fun and hard work too. Only I wish I had not been so sick all those days. My health was good till I arrived in Goa, 2 weeks after my arrival in India. And from that moment, I never got any better.

I ended up at the hospital back home with a serious bacteria and parasites. Took me quite some time to recover. More than a month…

I felt Goa and Mumbai were just a very small aspect I got from India. But again this trip was not about tourism but making a movie. And this was a success !

In the process I still got a chance to explore the culture and its people and met a bunch of interesting people. I also met many people from the movie industry and had time to visit Mumbai and its surroundings.

This was my first time to India. I admit I was a bit anxious about that trip from all I had learnt in the past. I was less chocked than I thought I would be. But I have to say it is quite a cultural chock and a tough world to live in. Especially the cities and its surburbs.

I thank all the people who helped me, hosted me, invited me during this unique journey.

Fun time in Goa :