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Images of the film in Ubud – Bali

Kuningan Ceremony

A few days later, it is the Kiningan ceremony, the ceremony to celebrate the deads. Like our Halloween.

Nyoman invites me and asks me to come at 7am to help her a bit and mostly to be able to film everything.

First thing when I arrive, she offers me to get breakfast. Goo ! I didn’t have time to eat that morning.

She asks me to help myself in the kitchen. It is a bit dark in there. I find myself a plate, grab some chicken in the pot, some vegetables, some rice of course, well, you know, the typical breakfast in Bali. Then I sit down in the courtyard to enjoy my meal. And what do I discover in my plate ?!

See picture below…

Funny memory ! Then Nyoman starts to get everything ready cause the family will arrive soon for the prayers and all. I follow her for hours with my camera. Such a peaceful moment together !

Then the different members of the family arrives. To give offerings, to pray, to eat. And I am so proud to be part of it. I’m even offered to do so. Nyoman shows me how to do it, with the holy water on the head, the rice on the front head and the flower on the ear.

Then it’s time to go to the cemetery, to give offerings to the deads, before we dig them out and burn them next July. Nyoman’s son takes me with his scooter there and I get to see all those graves, covered by robes.

In the afternoon, after helping a bit Nyoman cleaning everything up in her temple, I end my day at the market’s temple, to see other people from Ubud giving offerings. They are hundreds of them everywhere !