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Stop over in Sydney

From New-Zealand to Bali I was supposed to fly over Melbourne for just an hour and then go to Singapour for 10 hours, by night. Not very attractive.
Lucky me, the steward at the check in, offers a better option : only one stopover for 8 hours in Sydney, taxes free of charge and my Australian Visa (good for a year) paid by the company. Woohoo !

Let’s go to Sydney ! So here are pictures of my Australian quick adventure.

Tasman National Park and the Golden Bay

Taniora’s free time and the nice weather allow us to finish the filming very quickly. Therefore, I was off on vacation again. So I decided to go to the South Island to end my trip in NZ. I’m a lucky lady to meet Stefan and then Luc, a French hitchhiker, with who I spend some time exploring the Tasman Park and the Golden Bay. Magnificent landscapes, fun great time together ! Then Back to Nelson, a charming little town, where Ellie, another lovely British girl hosts me.

I end my trip crossing all the North island by train, the Overlander, back to Aukland’s aiport for my next and last destination : Bali !