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Easter Island – Ile de Pâques

Another dream of mine was to visit Easter Island. Even though my plane from Santiago to Tahiti stopped there, I was not allowed to make a stopover. But I was quite happy to see a bit of it from the sky and the lovely tiny airport had some local statues as well.

It made my day ! :-)


Pilgrimage in Chile (Santiago & Valparaiso)

Visiting Chile had always been my dream…

Over 3 years ago, one of my best friends Géraldine, moved over there to change her life. She opened a small bar in Valparaiso in the colorful hills and fell in love with an Argentinean guy. I meant to visit her a couple times but didn’t succeed and then she came back to France, heartbroken.

This summer, only a few days before my departure to this big adventure, she hanged herself. I lost one of my greatest friends.

My flight from Buenos Aires to Tahiti was going through Santiago de Chile. I decided to stop over and go to Valparaiso as a sort of pilgrimage. On the way, I was delighted to see the Cordillera de los Andes from the sky, with all the snowed caps. So amazing !

Then, I stayed the first night in Santiago, at Javier’s, a friend of Gégé who I had met before in Paris.

He showed me where she had stayed in Santiago to finish her book (which is about to get published at Actes Sud). I got very emotional, and the strangest thing is that, just a couple seconds before he showed me, I felt something very peaceful and pleasant in that neighborhood, I even told Javier how I felt… Coincidence…?

Then we both went to Valparaiso. The one and a half hour drive was so beautiful, hilly landscape with vineyards, eucalyptus and pine trees all around.

Once there, Javier showed me my friend’s former small bar, which has become a sushi bar. The next day, Javier had to go back to work, and I decided to stay there. I found myself a really cheap room with an amazing view on Valparaiso’s bay.

I visited the poet Pablo Neruda’s gorgeous house, took a boat ride on the sea and finally wandered a bit more around town with a New-Yorker.

At night, I stayed watching through my window, the moon reflecting on the bay and the thousands lights on the hills around, doing nothing but just that for at least 45 minutes. Such a beautiful and peaceful night !

Here are more pictures of Valparaiso :