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Cataratas de Iguazu – Iguazu Falls « Wonder of the World »

Luck seems to have been by my side during my journey, so far.

Once again, in Argentina, I got very lucky. Danny, the cousin of my host Eva, came for a short visit to Buenos Aires. He happens to have beautiful cottages near Iguazu Falls : Cabanas Luces de la Selva. He invited Juan (Eva’s son) and I to come visit. Juan happened to have lots of miles and was able to fly us out there for free.

And here I went to the Iguazu falls, Las Cataratas, considered one of the new 7 wonders of the world by Unesco ! It was simply breathtaking !

It is located in the Northern East part of the country, at the border of Brazil and Paraguay. I was able to shoot videos there and I decided to integrate them in my film. Which brought me a new idea for the Argentinean part of the movie. So cool !!!


VIP at the Argentine Open Polo Championship in Buenos Aires

One of the national sport in Argentina is Polo.

On my first week-end, my host’s son, Juan, took me to the ‘Argentine Open Polo Championship’.
A friend had given him 2 VIP tickets, so we sat in a VIP platform among wealthy and famous people with champaign and little toasts being served in the rows.

I got to see the number 1 player in the world on the field, the argentinian Adolfo Cambiaso. And there I met a new friend, the National Geographic mountain photographer, Tommy Heinrich. The first argentinian to have climbed the Mount Everest.