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Mahi-Mahi in Miami ! Yummy !

After 24 hours in Houston I spent even shorter time in Miami, 2 hours only !

I had to wait 4 hours at the airport in between two flights on my way to Panama. And even though I had already been to Miami many years ago I felt like checking it out again. So I hitch-hiked to avoid paying too much for a taxi and ended up in a limo, a ride kindly offered by a businessman, on his way to a medical congress.

I arrived at his luxurious hotel, the Loews. 5 minutes later, after walking through the bike path along the beach, here I am eating a mahi-mahi sandwich at Miami Beach, so cool !

24 hours in Houston

To go to Panama I needed to take a flight from Houston airport. I happened to have a friend living there, Laura. She hosted me there for a night at her lovely parents house who cooked a very traditional american meal. Laura then drove me around Houston and to its bars at night.

Short but very nice time. Thank you Laura !