Discover Fanny Jean-Noël's work through her feature film, her short films and her photography.

ABOUT Fanny Jean-Noël

Nomadic independant filmmaker

Portrait bio FannyFanny Jean-Noël was born and raised in the South of France, in Montpellier. After graduating in Cinema at the University of Art and Letters she moves to Los Angeles with her Green Card in hand, won at the lottery.

She first works on sets for independent movies and studio films. To make a steady living, she also models for all the big animation studios such as Walt Disney Studios, Dreamworks (she is the model for slim Fiona in Shrek) and for famous painters and photographers (Lucien Clergues, Peter Falk).

She directs and self-produces her first short film in 35mm, the executive producers being John Malkovich and Eduardo Ponti...

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